VSR - Verein Slowakischer Rauhbart - Slovenský hrubosrstý stavač
VSR - Verein Slowakischer Rauhbart - Slovenský hrubosrstý stavač 

Vermittlung - Slowakischer Rauhbart


4 Jähriger Slowakischer Rauhbartrüde, kastriert sucht auf Grund einer Erkrankung seines Frauchens ein neues Zuhause

Das schreibt die Besitzerin über ihn:
"He is allmost 4 years old, castrated. Loves People, lots of energy and always in for cuddling, walking, runnign, playing, anything. When he was a puppy i took him to huntingclass, but my back became an problem and I had to stop the serious training. As he is a huntingdog I started to learn him search for the dummy, pigeon wings and deerpaw. Just for fun, just by myself. He is very determined, doesn''t give up easily. I think he might be a great huntingdog when someone takes time to train him. He is not very patient and he doesn't like to be alone. He is good with other dogs and very loyal to his owner."

Nähere Informationen unter: info@slowakischer-rauhbart.de


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